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Annual Shamatha (Rejuvination) Retreat 2-10 October 2015


This annual retreat, is a wonderful opportunity to spend 8 days within a supportive retreat environment, under the expert guidance of an accomplished and generous teacher such as Khenpo la.

This year Khenpo la will base the Shamatha Retreat on the mind training teachings of The Wheel Blade of Mind Transformation "Lojong" བློ་སྦྱོང་མཚོན་ཆ་འཁོར་ལོ།, a text composed by the master Dharmarakshita who was a teacher of the great Indian master Atisha.



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Upcoming Events

Sat Oct 10 @ 7:00PM - 01:00PM
Shamatha October Retreat
Sun Oct 11 @ 9:00AM - 10:00AM
Green Tara Meditation
Sun Oct 11 @10:00AM - 11:00AM
Sunday Shamatha Meditation


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 Tibetan Script

 Term 3 Shedra 


 Khenpo will continue with the Shedra Teachings starting again in late August.  You will find more information here at current teachings.


Parting from the Four Attachments

Khenpo's latest teachings on Parting from the Four Attachments can be viewed at current teachings.


Khenpo's book: 'Uluru, my heart place in Australia'

Khenpo recently released a new book, 'Uluru, my heart place in Australia'. The book is a compilation of short teachings and breathtaking imagery from Khenpo's 2014 pilgrimage to Uluru, Central Australia. For further information, please click here

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