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Programme bookings and online payments

 To register for teachings or retreats, please:

  • Email:
  • Programme fees can be paid by:
    • Credit card (Visa and MasterCard) and bank transfer - online using PayPal below
    • Cheque/money order (make payable to “Drogmi Buddhist Institute”) mailed to PO Box 3089, Asquith, NSW 2077, Australia
    • Cash (please do not mail cash)
    If you are finding it difficult to financially pay for this or any event conducted by Drogmi Buddhist Institute, please email us to discuss. Our main aim is to promote the pure Dharma teachings and make them available to anyone who wishes to attend.

Online payments

Online payment methods are by credit card* and bank transfer**, using PayPal.

Drogmi GiftsMembership and Donations* Visa and MasterCard payments accepted for Australian payments. PayPal may accept other credit cards for bookings from other countries.
** Bank transfers may require a PayPal Personal Account. About PayPal
PayPal is an easy, secure and free way to transfer money on the internet. You will be prompted for your details to complete your payment. You can choose to make a one-off payment using your credit card, or you can set up a PayPal Personal Account to pay by credit card or bank transfer.

Transaction limits
To protect your security and the integrity of PayPal's payments network, the maximum amount allowed for any single transaction is US$10,000 for a PayPal account holder. If you do not have a PayPal account, you may send a maximum of US$4,000 for a single transaction. If the amount of your payment is greater than US$4,000, you will need to sign up for a PayPal account to complete your payment.

PayPal Personal Accounts
A PayPal Personal Account allows you to pay by credit card or bank transfer. It handles your payment and enables you to make future payments or purchases from any website using PayPal, without entering your details each time.Please ensure there are sufficient funds in your bank/credit card account for any payments. If a payment fails, PayPal will notify you and will reattempt payment. Neither Drogmi Buddhist Institute nor PayPal will refund insufficient fund fees charged by your financial institution.

Payment Options for Events

Drogmi Koala (AUD $35 plus $10 postage)

Become a Friend of Drogmi (AUD $150)

Shamatha Retreat Full Non Member (AUD $800)

Shamatha Retreat Member/Friend (AUD $720)

Shamatha Retreat Non Member Day (AUD $100)

Shamatha Retreat Member/Friend Day (AUD $90)

Complete Path 2nd Payment Non Member (AUD $670)

Complete Path 2nd Payment Member/Friend (AUD $603)


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